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welcome to "open house." today i'm coming to you from the manhattan soho neighborhood. with over 3,000 square feet, this home boasts beautiful columns and wood ceilings. now we're taking you on the set of "30 rock" in celebration of its final season. i'm joined by set director jennifer greenwood and a special guest for an all access behind the scenes tour. today i am on the set of "30 rock." i'm here with jennifer greenwood set director and tina fey. we are in jack's home right now. what kind of person would live in jack's space? >> well, he's very upper east side.
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>> so i'm noticing there are a lot of horses and a lot of busts. >> well, jack does believe there are only a few things that are acceptable to be the subject of art. horses, ships with sails, and men with swords standing on cliffs. >> the easiest way to create a feeling for a room is paint color. what have you chosen for his room here? >> well, it's a very rich blue. it's almost like his own little world. that's an easy way to change the tone of a room. >> okay. so how about we go to liz's apartment? >> perfect. >> let's go. >> welcome to my house, you guys. >> tell me about this apartment. >> i wanted it to feel a little bit random and yet pleasing to look at. >> and are any of these your
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records? >> i wish. i wish barry manilo was mine. >> there's some good ones here. >> yes. south of the border. correct. >> this is the whole that jane's character kicked into my wall. >> who's going to be my maid of honor now, liz? nobody. >> that's one of a kind a architectural detail. >> organization and flea markets. >> and a love of all things institutional. >> i know there are a lot of pictures around. are any of these real pictures from your life? >> yes. in this apartment there are a lot of archival picture of a comedy city in chicago. so this is me when i was young. can't fake that.
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look how real that looks. >> let's check out the bedroom. >> okay. here we go. it's a sizable one bedroom. >> this is a very large new york bedroom. >> yes. this would be really big in new york. i think the is to accommodate cameras. i don't think it looks as big on tv. >> i heard also that people actually take naps in this apartment. >> for sure. i've often fallen asleep in between sets here late on a friday night. >> do you have favorite moments in this room? >> a version of a sexy dance for her then-boyfriend floyd in a pair of flannel pajamas. like you like that. kleenex in my pocket. are you into that? >> ooh. what's this? a used kleenex. >> that was my happiest scene in here. >> thank you guys so much for coming. "open house" is my favorite
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show. this is a dream come true for me to have you guys here. i watch every week. >> okay this is a dream for me. make sure you got that. this is a very jack spacious office here. >> it is. it's got a lot of things but it's also not cluttered. i think a lot of people steer wrong when they have way too many things in a space. even if it's this big, you should get rid of the clutter. >> less is more. >> every season since season one, alec has made a request to have a photoshop from. we buy images of say dominique strauss-kahn. it changes every year. there's a picture of obama where he's really distancing himself and it's very funny. >> let's hit jack's bar. >> all right. >> he won't mind. >> no. >> what a gorgeous view.
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>> isn't it though? cheers. >> this is nice. >> there's usually the stage and the band curtain. >> i was wondering how you created a set within a set. but this actually looks like the back of the "snl" set. >> yes. we based all of this when i did these sets at the beginning. so i walked through. even this cable. this isn't real. hair and makeup. this isdressing room. >> wow. it's as loud as tracy. >> exactly. >> tracy is kind of self-absorbed. so everything in here has his face on it. you know what i'm noticing a lot more too, anybody can put in their own home is these textured wall papers. >> it doesn't read that much on
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film, but it has a metallic color to it. >> animal print is popular these days. you don't have to go tracy jordan animal print. >> throw on the couch. it's affordable. >> well, thank you so much for the tour today. this was so much fun. we got a bit of everyone in. >> i'm so glad you guys came and got to see this. cheers. >> be sure to tune into "30 rock's" final season to see liz lemon have it all. in an all new episode this thursday at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. stay tuned for more style and
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welcome back to "open house." now we go behind the doors of the san francis compound in santa monica. this zen inspired home has an array of water falls and gardens that are truly inspirational.
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>> hi. i'm christopher sorenson. i'm the architect of the san francis compound here in santa monica. property was previously owned by sam francis. sam francis was an abstract expressionist artist. this was his studio. you can see in these outdoor areas, the feature drowns out the traffic. and all the bedrooms on this property lead out to their own private outdoor areas. we really worked hard to create this indoor/outdoor effect. welcome to the dining room. this is one of the great rooms of the property. what we did here when creating this space is create it to the outdoors. we wanted to bring in a lot of light. you can see one of the main elements here is the dining room table. it was created out of old indonesian boat wood. it was created with the spirit of sam francis.
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one of the main features in this room is this relic. it's an old fishing canoe from indonesia suspended from the ceiling. now we're in sam francis' former art studio. we recreated this space with the spirit of sam in mind. as you can see above with these giant wood trusses, you can see skylights bringing in light and allowing hot air to rise out of this space. one of my favorite elements is this concrete stair behind me. just exploding out of the wall. maybe structural element in the house. probably one of my favorite features of the entire property. now we're in the master bedroom. and you can see the doors we pocketed them to the walls. open up to this oasis outside. gives you the tranquility of water. behind the head board we have this skylight with this watch of light at the back of the head
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board. then in the middle of the space we have this wood cube made of reclaimed teakwood that harbors the wardrobe of the master suite. now we're in the master bathroom. you can see this giant granite bathtub. looking out into the atrium beyond. here we have the master bathroom cabinet floating above the floor with the backdrop of a giant glass window and a mirror centered in between. now we're in the guest house. you can see it has a bit of a nautical theme. here's the kitchen which we designed against the backdrop of this glass window beyond. and we created this nautical floating steel and reclaimed teak stair. reclaimed teak floors, polished concrete, all with the spirit of
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pateening well with age. thank you for taking the tour of this oasis. this is truly a world for heartful souls. up next, how to go big with your design in a small space. and later an amazing home with a special room.
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welcome back to "open house." next we're taken inside a victorian home to see how to overcome the size and shape of a space with amazing design. >> i'm linc thelen. today i'm going to give you design ideas to make grand design with small spaces. when working with small spaces, it's important to define your space. i start with a strong focal point.
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i decided to use the fire place as my strong focal point. above the fire place i wanted something a little edgy and clean. i chose this piece of art because i wanted something modern but also connected with chicago. when buying furniture for small spaces, it can be a little tricky. be sure to measure your space before you purchase. the transparency of the table allows you to see the carpet and illusion of the open space. you don't have to break the bank when buying a sofa. i bought this vintage sofa at a low cost and refurbished it with new fabric. it can be tricky in the dining room. i built a custom bench with storage. this helps maximize space and gives you places to store more stuff in the kitchen. i also wanted to create a strong focal point for this dining room. so i chose a sign from chicago. also lighting is important for this room. i chose a small pendant light
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fixture so it wouldn't ab instruct the view. when choosing a dining room table, i wanted something that had a lot of character. i chose to find my own wood from a south shore school. we refurbished the wood and built new. we wanted a stable table but also had character. when designing a kitchen, start off with your island. i really wd thisand to be the gathering place for the family. if you look closely you can see the divots from people rolling. i also wanted it to feel spacious. i chose one that had nothing underneath. a great way to add another focal point, add a sliding barn door. now to the family room. the last room but the most important. this room just like the other ones was a small space to work with. i also wanted it to reflect the family. so i had them choose a bunch of old artwork, pictures, things close to them to add to the wall.
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this had a plain dry walled ceiling. i added detail. as you look up top you can see we added crown molding and also the boards. it reflects the artwork which gives more attention to the room. thanks for checking out my design on lincoln park today. i hope this will help you in your future projects. still ahead, a spacious connecticut home with a unique amenity. and up next, tips for having a stress free holiday.
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welcome back to "open
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house." now the experts an american express are showing you what to do to enjoy a stress-free holiday season. i'm here are emily kaufman, the travel mom. we're at the beautiful and festive palace hotel. she's going to give us tips on how to take the stress out of our holiday travel season. now, leaving your home for an extended period of time is stressful enough. add the holidays to that, it's a headache waiting to happen. >> hopefully not. one way amake it more enjoyable is by joining loyalty programs. i use the american express platinum card and enjoy benefits like membership rewards points which have no blackout dates when you want to redeem them. >> i know the holidays and saving mustn't don't usually go
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hand in hand, but do you have any tips for us? >> there are some ways to stretch your travel dollar. and one of them is to use the american express platinum card. you get the $200 airline credit to be used for checking baggage and in-flight food and entertainment. plus you get access to lounges. it's a great way to have a quiet escape from all the chaos going on in the airport. >> a lot of people tend to overpack in the holiday season. and that can't be helpful for anyone. >> we're a nation of over-everything. we over-plan, over-schedule, and over-pack. vacation is a time to surrender. certainly don't over-plan or over-pack. >> how can you use technology to kind of save some time during the holiday season? >> i'm a technology ding dong. i use it to simplify my life.
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i check in online ahead of time. program the numbers to the airlines and the hotel into your cell phone so you've already got it. and also use the self-service kiosk. they will make everything so much faster. >> i'm going to pack you with me next time because you seem to have all the tips. thank you for sharing them today. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you. and for more information how a platinum card can help you this season, go to american coming up after the break -- >> so having seven children along with sleepovers, i very often felt like a short order chef. so i designed a new house and thought it would be neat to have a diner.
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welcome back to "open house." now, do you ever wake up on a sunday morning and after you watch "open house" you want to head to the diner in your pajamas? in this next house, you can do just that. ♪ >> i'm john dirocco. welcome to my home in connecticut. i've got a lot of fun things to show you. why don't you come on inside.
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what sets this home apart is the attention to detail. in the foyer you can see crown molding with the painting ceiling. i always find that the kitchen becomes the main social gathering spot. when i was designing this home, i wanted to make sure i had a kitchen that could easily fit 30, 40 people comfortably. i believe that's what we created here. four months out of the year, this is where you'll find me and my kids. the kids mostly on the water slide or on the diving board enjoying the pool. all us in the hot tub. or dad over at the grill cooking for seven to 20 kids at a time. this is the master bedroom which has three walk-in closets and a beautiful sitting area. one of my favorite parts of the house. besides having great views, it's got a warm fire place and soaring ceilings. this is the lower level of the
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home which i wanted to feel like it was part of the house opposed to the basement. there's a massage room, a billiards room, an art room for the children. but come on downstairs. i want to show you my favorite feature. i hate to exercise. but i love playing basketball. so when i was designing the new home i thought it would be great to have an indoor basketball court. never too late to make the knicks. welcome to dirocco theater. we don't watch a lot of television, but when we do, this is where the family gathers. it accommodates 12 people and includes a bar for dining while enjoying your movie. you'd think i'd bring the food from upteastair but i don't. come with me. having seven children with sleepovers i felt like a short order chef.
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i thought it'd be neat to have a diner. this diner has booths, table, bar stools, a jukebox, a pay phone. not just healthy food we come up here for. we come up here for the snacks. so thank you for visiting my home. i hope you enjoyed it. what i wanted to create was a place not only my children loved growing up, but they'd want to come back to. i hope you think i've been able to do that. that's all for this week's episode of "open house." join us next week for more of america's top properties and designs. and if you missed something on today's show or want to see more of these homes, head to open
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i'm sara gore and this is "open house nyk." we're on an incredible equestrian house in westchester. and george heads to the west coast to rescue a dedicate mad recent. but first colorful design. >> the colors against the white walls sets it off with a positive, emotional experience.

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